Waiting is the hardest part
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This post didn’t persuade all by itself, but it was while reading that I realized that I can no longer imagine Senator Hillary Clinton making a run for President in 2008. She may be as scary as any of the other major candidates but she is (IMHO) much smarter than the rest of the pack. It hardly seems implausible that she can see the train wreck coming that The Watcher sees. Would she really want to get in to the mess and draw fire from all sides? Wouldn’t it be a lot better to lay low for one more election cycle, letting the Democratic Party have a real, Dukkakis style meltdown before stepping in to save it? Better to let the crazies destroy each other first.

More over, if McCain is the Republican nominee, he won’t be getting a second term making the 2012 election another open cycle. If there’s anything that will make the citizenry give Clinton a second chance, it would be the spectacle of McCain vs. whatever victim of dementia the Democratic Party puts up. I’ve despised HRC for years but the thought of that sort of campaign season has already caused me to seriously ponder whether I could vote for her.

So, HRC can dive in to that mess and become the lighting rod, or she can hold off, look sane and reasonable by comparison to everyone else, then pick up a better seasoned Senator Obama as the Veep and be off to the races. That is my fearless prediction.

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Michael Herdegen Saturday, 24 June 2006 at 19:11

Makes sense, but only if McCain actually is the GOP nominee - which can’t be known before Clinton starts her run in earnest.

Since Hillary can’t be sure of another open field, I say she goes now.

Annoying Old Guy Saturday, 24 June 2006 at 21:20

Good point — I have been reading OJ too much and forgot it wasn’t a sure thing already.

However, it doesn’t hurt HRC to jump in late, because she has no need of building name recognition and she can raise money before becoming officially a candidate. I think McCain will be under much more pressure to get in or out earlier in the cycle so that HRC can wait him out.

Tracked from Watcher of Weasels: Kerry Throws His Magic Hat Into the Ring on 26 June 2006 at 01:17

Here's the thing that really kills me about this latest Ann Coulter scandal: Ann viciously went after the "Jersey Girls" for wrapping themselves up in the deaths of their husbands, insulating themselves from attack as they campaigned for John Kerry...

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