But that would mean hard work!
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Instapundit writes

THE D.C. EXAMINER EDITORIALIZES that Bush and the Congressional Republicans should shelve the Marriage Amendment in favor of actually doing, you know, their jobs. And, unlike me, they actually support the idea. This is really shaping up as another ham-handed political effort that’s likely to prove a debacle.

Eh, it’s unlikely to be a debacle, especially after the failure of the cloture vote. It’s also dumb because states are moving to implement such bans on their own. But I have completely agree with the main point, which is that this is yet another way for the GOP leadership to try to put lipstick on a pig and cover up their utter failure to support the base.

It would be different if the GOP remained indifferent to the base, because that at least would be consistent. But it’s clear that lose of support their is worrying them, yet this kind of action demonstrates that the leadership is so disconnected from the actual supporters that they have no idea what the real problems. It is possible, I suppose, that the leadership does see the problems but simply cannot bring themselves to make the personal sacrifices necessary to deal with those problems and so resort to bread and circuses. I have seen this kind of thing a lot, living in Illinois, which has a GOP leadership of the same type.

It reminds me much of the European disease. Given the advantages of incumbency, what is the personal payoff for the GOP leadership to do some heavy lifting on hard issues? They will do fine regardless, it’s the next generation of Republican candidates and the nation would would get the short end of the stick. Better to just enjoy the pretty colors in the dieing light.

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