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Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, recently spoke in the USA about Mexican immigration to the USA. As I have noted in previous posts, I am still ambivalent on the subject, believing that some immigration is an obvious good, but very concerned that (as in many other areas) too much of a good thing is no longer good.

Yet I was still taken aback by one of Fox’s comments, which really grated:

It [passage of immigration legislation in the Senate] is a moment that millions of families have been hoping for; this is the moment that millions of people have been working for

Think about that a minute. A head of state is praising a situation in which millions of his countrymen have been allowed to flee his government. It’s like KMart praising Walmart for letting former KMart customers shop there instead.

What impression is Fox trying to make? It only makes sense if Fox views the emigres as a waste product he and Mexico are well rid of. It doesn’t seem like the best message to be conveying for someone in an election campaign, unless that’s how the rest of Mexico thinks. Or perhaps no one there has any hope except escape. That would make the rest of Fox’s speech, about how the Mexican government is working to improve things, in an interesting light.

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h-man Friday, 26 May 2006 at 15:56

No Mystery. Does the fact that immigrants and even American citizens can vote in Mexican Elections perhaps hint at the reason for his taking up the cause of Mexicans living in America. As to American citizens (of Mexican Extraction), the Mexican constitution was changed in 1997 to allow dual nationality.

cjm Saturday, 27 May 2006 at 13:02

fox is the chirac of latin america. there is no point in listening to anything he says, or discussing him in any way.

Annoying Old Guy Saturday, 27 May 2006 at 21:41


I hadn’t thought about the Mexicans living in the USA who vote in Mexican elections. So the combination of the those votes and the general admission of at home Mexicans that it’s a good idea to leave means that such statements are good electoral politics? That doesn’t leave much hope for actual improvement.


Still, Chirac and Fox are pandering to what they think is the electorate, or someone. I don’t worry about Chirac because France is irrelevant. Mexico, however, is not.

David Cohen Tuesday, 30 May 2006 at 21:24

Yes, both the Mexican elite and American nativists think of those who immigrate to the US as scum.

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Mexican President Vicente Fox said Wednesday on the second day of a four-day visit to the western U.

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