It's what's inside that counts
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Opinion Journal had an editorial about the Daily Kos the backing of Ned Lamont’s primary challenge to Senator Lieberman. It’s a rather quixotic quest, but perfect for the Daily Kos, which so far has a perfect string of defeats.

I wonder, though, if D.K. is really concerned about winning or even whether winning would be a good thing. Consider the gist of the original article cited in my previous post, about the power of myth in sustaining socialism. If we make the reasonable assumuption that modern day socialism is about internal psychology instead of real world effects, then it may well be that winning would be devastating. The psychological benefits that exist are from the self image of being one of a few elite who see The Truth, unlike the masses of sheeple, contented and stupidly chewing on the ruling class’ propaganda. Moreover, not being in power means that there is no painful impact of the 2×4 of Reality on cherished dogma. And finally, since real world results are irrelevant, what’s the upside of winning? None, really.

I can’t help but think of Hamas, which did much better when it was the embattled minority. Nothing has been more stressful or damaging to Hamas than having to be an actual governing organziation with real responsibility. Even Hamas knew this and tried to weasel out of it right after the elections. Perhaps D.K. has seen the wisdom of its tactics in the hardships of Hamas.

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pj Saturday, 13 May 2006 at 09:25

In both cases, they live to fight. It’s hard to wage perpetual war when in power, as people expect you to do something constructive once in a while.

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