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Dang nab it, Dr Weevil stole my post (via Random Jottings)

“If the accounts as they have been alleged are true, the Haditha incident is likely the most serious war crime reported in Iraq since the beginning of the war,” said John Sifton, of Human Rights Watch. “Here we have two dozen civilians being killed — apparently intentionally. This isn’t a gray area. This is a massacre.”

What’s cretinous about Sifton’s statement? It’s missing three words. If true, this would indeed be “the most serious war crime” by our side “reported in Iraq since the beginning of the war”, but it wouldn’t even be in the top 20 war crimes committed in Iraq in that time period.

I heard a similar report on NPR while I was away at the mall. In that case, there was the same claim about this being the “worst war crime in Iraq” along with, at the end of the report, a short mention of three bombs going off in markets in Baghdad to achieve a completely and utter lack of awareness.

It really does have the overwhelming attitude that only Americans are real, everyone else is just part of the scenery, like sand in the desert or wind in a storm. Attacks by non-Americans on non-Americans are just background, not actual events.

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