We own the "peace of the dead" option
Posted by aogMonday, 03 April 2006 at 19:50 TrackBack Ping URL

Driving home today I saw a van with a load of the standard peacenik bumper stickers. I found one of the funny, as it read “We are making enemies faster than we can kill them”. I thought, no, that’s flat out wrong. We may be making enemies faster than we are willing to kill them (and that’s very debatable), but we are certainly making them way slower than we can kill them.

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cjm Tuesday, 04 April 2006 at 12:06

just another cowardly person displaying their lack of backbone to the world. the ironic thing is, they are living contradictions to their own statements. attacking the u.s. didn’t make them enemies of the islamicists, it made them into proto-slaves.

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