Junk man
Posted by aogFriday, 14 April 2006 at 21:51 TrackBack Ping URL

Heh. I was doing some back checking on some of the junk I get here (because it is my obsession, OK? I am otherwise perfectly normal. Well, except for the … oh, wait, my lawyer said to not talk about that).

Anyway, I was checking on one particular profilic yet apparently stupid effort involving a name with the initials M.F. (I don’t want to use the literal name but you can find it here). This junk would have a couple of random numbers in it and a link to a website of that name. But the domain name wasn’t even registered and, moreover, if you netsearched for the name you would get random weblogs that had been hit, not the actual target domain. Dumb but trivially blocked since every junk comment had the same domain name.

It turns out that my junk filter list ends up as entry #6 at Google. There are some other blacklists that show up but I am the highest ranked black list. Given the overall paucity of hits, though, it looks like Google is filtering him explicitly as I get a lot more hits at AltaVista (although I am still the highest ranked blacklist).

The domain is now registered as well. I hope it was a victim who snagged it just to be mean.

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