I'm OK with being Dumb if he manages to be Dumber
Posted by aogFriday, 21 April 2006 at 17:10 TrackBack Ping URL

Best of the Web takes a Fisking rod to Greg Mitchell who blathers on about some sort of “crisis” in the federal executive. The root of it seems to be that President Bush’s poll numbers are very bad but he’s unlikely to resign and won’t be out of office until 2009. As BotW points out, it is a crisis for Old Media and the chatterati, not the nation.

On the other hand, it might well turn in to a crisis for the Congressional Republicans, who would likely face some blow back if Bush is truly as unpopular as the polls indicate. If so, I will have little sympathy for them as the conservative blogosphere has been bloviating about how to prevent that for months. It’s really a simple, two part plan:

  • Get the public to believe that Congress is cutting spending. Embracing the Pork Busters would almost certainly be enough to get the GOP through the 2006 elections in good shape.
  • Do something about illegal immigration. Any plan that doesn’t involve a strong enforcement effort is pointless.

Will the GOP do either of these? Unlikely. They’d probably rather take their chances, each one hoping he won’t be one of the ones to get mugged by the American Street and depending on the ongoing marginalization of the Democratic Party to cover their butts. It is indeed something to see both major parties living on the hope that the other party does something ever stupider.

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