Flickr of hope burns out
Posted by aogSunday, 23 April 2006 at 22:10 TrackBack Ping URL

Bummer. I thought I was going to be able to do something cool with pictures at Flickr but it just couldn’t do what I wanted.

Flickr has this cool idea called a “badge”, which lets you display a set of images hosted on Flickr on another website. The cool part of that is that you can pull the images by tag. That means cycling pictures in and out of the badge is merely a matter of adding or removing a tag from the image on Flickr. You can pick the images by most recent or a random set. I have another website where I do a lot more with images than I do here and I thought “this would be cool, to have alternates that cycle randomly”.

I played with it on and off for a few days but in the end it just wasn’t suitable. The big things that killedit for me were

  • It puts the images in TD elements to go in a table. No choice about that, you have to put in the wrapping TABLE element yourself.
  • There is no access to attributes on the image, such as CLASS or TITLE. I could have worked around the CLASS (as the IMG element does have a distinct one) but the TITLE is always the title of the image on Flickr, which is not always suitable.
  • It won’t serve images taller than 500 pixels. I use some specialized images that are very skinny and they don’t work. Because of the application, the images have to be a precise size and I want full control over the resizing, I don’t want Flickr to decide how to munge the pixels.

Still, Flickr is cheap and useful enough to still get a positive rating from me. Here’s an example, a picture of She Who Is Perfect In All Way’s cat POset. It is almost completely anonymous, there not being a good way to trace back from the URL to anything else at Flickr.

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