Spill from the tipping point
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This article is about the presumed “tipping point” where the American Street is getting tired of putting up with the barbaric behavior of the Ummah.

The bad politics of the Dubai Ports deal is one illustration of this. Yet I do not consider that reaction completely irrational. As with my earlier post what we are seeing in that when a subject cannot be discussed with nuances, then the reaction of the citizenry is to adopt the extreme position that at least contains an appropriate response as opposed to the other extreme which doesn’t.

The central ignored fact these days is the strong correlation between Islam and modern terrorism. There are lots of arguable positions about why this is, and how intrinsic it is to Islam. I understand those who take the blanket view that Islam is basically evil. My own view is that Islam contains design flaws that render it incompatible with liberal democracy, but I am willing to look at evidence that I’m wrong (such as this). Yet even at the Brothers Judd, one of the (IMHO) most open places to discuss such issues, attempts to do so for this issue are met with bogus accusations of “racism” (even though one is talking about a belief system / culture) and other straw men1. Out in the more politically correct natural environment, it is even worse. President Bush, for instance, is not much for identifying the ideology of our opponents in WWIV. Yet if, out of concern of labeling all Muslims, one refuses to distinguish between CaliPhascism and Islam, then what is the American Street to think except that there is no distinguishing them?

I think the American Street is smart enough to be told of the (presumed) difference between Islam and CaliPhascism without tarring all Muslims. Such an approach would also provide some excellent pressure on terror enabling organizations like CAIR to declare which one of those two it was in favor of. Had Bush done this from the start, then there would have been a natural place to put the UAE vs. say, Iran. But instead, as has been done for so many other failing cultures, no ill could be spoken2 lest the trogloditic American Street didn’t run out and engage in religous pogroms. Now we’re seeing the blow back from that little bit of refusal to call things what they are.

1 Such as the perennial “but why do you think only Islam is broken in that way?”. Of course, history is littered with failed belief systems. Why Islam a priori not be one of them is never explained, simply asserted.

2 Does this not remind one of the efforts of the MAL to accept whatever dreck American Black culture throws up (such as “Gansta Rap”)? It didn’t help the MAL and it certainly didn’t help American Blacks or the culture.

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