Movable Type trackback modfication
Posted by aogSunday, 19 March 2006 at 11:30 TrackBack Ping URL

I am busy deploying yet another Movable Type tweak. This one involves trackbacks. My original goal was to work around a bug in MT for weblogs without individual archives, but it looks that is not fixable (without a new version of MT being put in to general use).

However, I did end up changing the trackback interface so that numeric identifiers are no longer used. My hope is that this will slow down the junkers a bit, since it will no longer be very easy to guess valid values (e.g., if you just try the numeric IDs from 1 to 500, most of them will work). My modified style requires the basename of the entry or the category to ping. If I did it correctly, this will be transparent to normal people. We shall see.

Also, this change lets me set up the trackback URLs so that appending a “/ping” to an individual entry archive URL will function as the trackback URL. That will make it easier to post trackbacks, as you just paste in the target URL and add “/ping” at the end.

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I’ve been spending my time hacking Movable Type, as noted here....

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