Leaving it to Harvard
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After Larry Summers was ousted from Harvard, the concensus I agreed with was that Summer’s primary problem was his unwillingness to defend himself. There’s nothing the Modern American Left likes better than beating on someone who won’t fight back (which is why they howl about the fascist Bush regime but are silent about the Caliphascists).

But the telling bit in Old Media reports was this:

Harry Lewis, a computer science professor and former dean of Harvard College who left under pressure from Summers, said campus politics here had been shifting for decades, as more students from less affluent backgrounds enrolled.

Ooooh, yuck, the unwashed invading Harvard! Presumably unrelated to pricing the middle class out of the market while providing a lot of financial aid. Of course, it’s standard for elites to promote policies that squeeze out the burgeosie in favor of the very wealthy and the proles. The proles, unlike the burgeosie, can be treated as exotics, avoiding the annoying attempts to act like peers.

A more diverse group, they are also “eager to prosper and less willing to take risks by rebelling,” Lewis said. His upcoming book, “Excellence Without a Soul: How a Great University Forgot Education,” traces what he considers to be the decline in the quality of education at Harvard. It’s left them far more likely to support the power structure, he said.

As noted over at Random Jottings, only in Western Academia is “rebelling” defined as “synchophantically agreeing with the faculty”. What Lewis doesn’t grasp is that the problem is that the students are far less likely to support the Harvard Faculty power structure.

“The Harvard student body looks more like America than the Harvard faculty,” he said. “That’s what’s happened.”

Gosh, don’t you hate it when that happens? Harvard is supposed to be elitist — but not in the bad way.

Still, it’s amusing in a situation comedy kind of way, where the protagonist gets in to a minor scrape and by his own biases and blindness digs himself ever deeper in the mess. And of course, the importance of the fictional character and Harvard are about the same.

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