Some things are intrinsically cool
Posted by aogSaturday, 25 February 2006 at 10:27 TrackBack Ping URL

This is cool display technology. Commonly referred to as “SED”. It’s the digital version of cathode ray tube technology. Basically, instead of having a single electron gun for the screen phosphors, this technology has an emitter for every phosphor. This enables it to be very flat compared to a normal CRT.

That’s sort of cool. What makes this truly cool is that the emitter circutry is being laid down by ink jet printers, with the matrix wiring done via screen-printing. Uber-geek-cool, that is. It brings to mind visions of buying the grandkids the “Junior Circut Builder Print Kit” with which kids can lay out circuts via a CAD program and then print working versions of them.

This is what real nanotech is going to look like. Not the sudden appearance of miraculous technology, but the grinding away of “preconfigured matter”. For instance, instead of buying resistors and transistors pre-built, one will just create them as needed. As noted earlier, rather than some sudden utopia it will simply be that design will be done at an ever higher level with materials that themselves are ever more generic. Whether this will result in family level autarky depends on how fast the complexity of the most intricate constructs grows compared to the abstractness and genericity of local scale materials. More divergence means more centralization, more trade, while less divergence means more distribution, less trade. My personal view is that the differences will decrease for a while, then remain roughly the same. Thisis because of the trickle down effect, where the ability to create more complex objects spreads out from the center, either through the ability to build more complex end users devices or application of the same techniques, or (as is happening now) both.

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