Outsourcing, Middle East Style
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The discussion at this post got me to thinking.

If external funding for the Palestinian Authority become significantly less because of the refusal of Hamas to honor existing obligations of the PA, then it’s likely to create chaos in Gaza and the West Bank (although one wag asked, “how would we know?”). The question is, would such chaos be dangerous to Israel, dangerous enough for Israel to fund Hamas rather than reap the whirlwind?

I tend to agree with the claim that the security wall makes the situation very different than it has been before. In addition, Israel has been cutting back on how many Palestinians work in Israel making a complete cut off far less economically damaging. The scenario in which Israel simply closes the border while the Palestinians massacre each other seems quite plausible.

The counter claim was the the borders elsewhere were not sealable. But that’s irrelevant, since the other Arab nations are not going to let the Palestinians in their territory. In fact (and this was my thought), is that perhaps the Israeli plan? The fact is that Egypt, Jordan, the Saudi Entity, et. all., could massacre Palestinians at the border and bulldoze the bodies in to the sea without any political cost. Who would care? Could the Israelis have been smart enough to see that through when they started the wall? Of course, any such massacre would be blamed on the Israelis, somehow, but that seems to be wearing thin as well. Far more likely such events would be dropped down the memory hole, lest it make the Israelis not seem like monsters in comparison.

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Luciferous Tuesday, 28 February 2006 at 15:20

Sound point. And perhaps the reason the Palestinians won’t provoke. They are being given only one option - consolidate and run a state.

Annoying Old Guy Tuesday, 28 February 2006 at 22:02

On the contrary, self destruction is always an option. Or brave resistance even at the cost of self destruction, which is presumably how the Palestinians would see it. If there was ever a society that emodied self destructive obsession, they would be the archetype. Any cost, any price, any suffering is paid as long as there is even a small chance the Jews will be hurt.

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