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With all of the brouhaha about the shooting incident by Vice President Cheney, wouldn’t this be a perfect time for President Bush to do something that the MAL would hate but wouldn’t be able to effectively oppose because they are spending all their effort on that shooting incident? While it’s always true that if you have an accident, you should have been more careful, ultimately there is nothing substantive to this incident so why not let Old Media and the MAL run with it while doing something useful under the screen of the gunsmoke?

UPDATE: Instapundit faults the Bush Adminstration for not reporting and responding more quickly. But, why should they? In the straightforward view, the proper authorities were notified which is the important thing. In the completely cynical view, by going to the press the way it happened, Old Media is drawn out in to another hysterical reaction to not much. Here’s the new rule of the Wired Age: “If the facts are on your side, let the other side pound on the table”.

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cjm Friday, 17 February 2006 at 11:21

i was reading about how the bush administration has this strategic goal of “rolling back” the msm by luring them into these kinds of over-reactions. they are so predictable and manipulateable that when an accident happens, it is easy to use it to the administration’s advantage. you can see that this strategy is working, and really just accelerates an already present trend.

for the most part, people on the left are not very smart (except in their own minds) so it is easy for a real player like bush to take them apart like a lion and a gazelle.

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