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Posted by aogMonday, 20 February 2006 at 10:23 TrackBack Ping URL

Apparently the local university newspaper is now getting national press. I disagree that the editorial staff of the Daily Illini have flipped out — this kind of behavior is nothing new. In fact, reading the DI was my first introduction to what I now know as the mendacity and self-absorbtion of Old Media. My associates and I would not infrequently amuse ourselves by pointing out obvious errors and internal contradictions in stories.

I used to think that was an effect of being a small newspaper staffed by what were (mostly) underachievers even for a big university. Now I realize that it was, in fact, a representative of Old Media and that the staffers I knew then are the Old Media journalists of today, basically unchanged. They were straws in the wind of whatever politically correct fad was “in” then, and remain so to this day.

The idea that the DI is a dieing institution because it is clueless and not grasping the Internet, though, is silly. As noted, the DI did things just as clueless twenty years ago when I was a student. The staff then had not the slightest grasp of technology and so their lack of clue about the Internet is unsurprising and unlikely to have any real effect.

The only surprising bit in this story is that someone like Gorton got on the editorial board.

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