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Instapundit comments on an error in a column in the Economist magazine, where the columnists writes

The rumor-mongers interpret Mr. Cheney’s recent ubiquity as more proof that he is desperately trying to save his job.

There’s no shame in a Brit not knowing that President Bush can’t fire Cheney, but there is in not knowing while writing columns about American politics.

But this got me to thinking about Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and her political prospects. There are many who think that Cheney is going to be pushed out of his office, not because of his own performance but because Bush will want to groom someone else as a successor and the VP’s office is fine place to do that. Rice boosters naturally think Cheney should be replaced with Rice.

That is no longer so clear to me. Presuming that Rice wants to push for President, it might not be for the best for her to finish out Cheney’s term. The bottom line is that Rice has never been elected to office and that’s no small handicap. Being the VP is a good way to overcome that if one is elected to that position. Rice might well serve herself better by running as the VP of the next Repubican candidate. The Republican Party tends to be more hierarchial and Rice may need to pay some dues in a real election before she’s considered.

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