The quality of his enemies
Posted by aogTuesday, 03 January 2006 at 19:18 TrackBack Ping URL

What I continue to find amazing is the ability of those who oppose President Bush to never examine the qualities of those this causes them to side with. Brutal, sadistic, lieing savages like Saddam Hussein, the Syrian Ba’ath, Fidel Castro, Hamas, Caliphascists of various forms, etc. A normal person might well begin to wonder if the qualities of Bush’s enemies might indicate something about quality of his policies. But that never seems to happen. Instead a wall of denial is thrown up, including claims such as “slandering Bashir Assad” with regard to Syrian activities in Lebanon, or that the USA armed the Iraqi Ba’ath, or funded Al Qaeda. This is not to say that no one of good moral stature opposes Bush, but I do think it is quite telling that the public face, the exemplars of such opposition are so uniformly degenerate.

And there’s not even some even more degenerate enemy to contrast with such thugs. It’s certainly the case that during the Cold War, the Conservatives / Right supported some nasty people. Perhaps my memory is faulty but I don’t remember the open embrace of such types that we see of scum such as Castro, but more of an acceptance of an unpleasant necessity. Moreover, the alternative enemy was the USSR and the ChiComs, regimes responsible for the greatest mass murders in history. In contrast, the alternative enemy for the opponents of Bush are people like the democracy babes in Lebanon. Is that the kind of alternate that justifies the support of the terror bombers in Iraq? What is the even worse horror that requires siding with such savages, somewhat greater income inequality in the USA? More poverty reducing welfare reform? Globalization? European levels of state security powers?

One is left pondering Chile and Cuba. The brutal dictator supported by the Right left Chile as one of the stablest and richest countries in Latin America, one that has a healthy present and a bright future. The brutal dictator supported by the Left remains in power, oppressing a country that’s changed from one of the wealthiest in Latin America to a desparately poor pesthole that survives by selling the labor and bodies on the inmates to morally preening Westerners whose vacations are subsidized by the sweat and suffering of the Cuban people. Could anyone except such a tourist honestly wish Cuba’s fate on another nation instead of Chile’s?

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