It's all about the Benjamins
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I wrote a little while ago about how the Republican Party had an advantage because it was more willing to replace its leadership. It ocurred to me today that this may be because the Republican Party still has a core set of principles, however unhonored in the breach they may be. This provides a standard against which to judge the leadership and justify the removal of the non-performers.

The Democratic Party, on the other, has lots its core principles to a changing world, those having become either outdated (e.g. civil rights) or proven wrong (e.g., welfare state). That leaves only money and power as the keys to the leadership and naturally long timers will have a massive advantage on those points. Is the ossification of the Democratic Party leadership simply a side effect of their loss of ideology?

One also notes that the only serious challenge to the leadership is the hard left Internet faction and that their challenge is not based on a superior ideology but purely on the ability to organize and raise money. It shows that in the long run, it is ideas that have consequences.

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cjm Wednesday, 25 January 2006 at 14:48

the ossification set in when the democrats became ideological, somewhere in the 1960’s, not because of a loss of ideology.

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 25 January 2006 at 15:50

I think that if the Democratic Party were still motivated ideologically, the Republican Party wouldn’t be gaining ground as it has.

In fact, I would be willing to argue that it ws in the 1960’s that the Democratic Party began to lose its ideology, as the original wave of red babies began to age with no replacements and the failures of Socialism became manifest.

cjm Wednesday, 25 January 2006 at 17:22

maybe we are just talking semantics here.

i noticed that in your posting you start off using the term “principles” or “core principles” and then switch to “ideology” later on. now if you consider the two words to have similar meanings then i have no disagreement with the posting.

barry Sunday, 05 February 2006 at 05:31

The Democrat Party has few core beliefs beyond secularism, abortion, and judicial primacy. They’re all interrelated.

They embrace secularism because this entails rejecting an externally imposed moral code (The Ten Commandments, The Sermon On The Mount). Once you reject moral codes, there are no limits on personal behavior, such as unlimited

Abortion. Abortion on demand means no limits on personal behavior of the most personal sort.

Judicial primacy is worshipped by Dems/liberals who 1) don’t like the Constitution, and 2) can’t win elections. In each case, the Left seeks to impose its will by court ruling.

Other than that, to paraphrase CPT Willard, “I don’t see any belief system at all, Sir.”

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