Bringing out the truth always hurts the liars
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John Hawkins at Right Wing News still doesn’t get it concerning the incipient Palestinian state.

His post cites an article about a public relations effort by Hamas to not appear like a blood thirsty, jew hating gang of mass murdering thugs. (Good luck with that!). Two key quotes:

the majority of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian government support terrorism against Israel. However, people who support the Palestinians have, up until this point, been engaging in a bit of polite fiction and pretending that this isn’t the case.


Moreover, after Hamas becomes part of the government, wouldn’t that mean that if the Palestinians got a state, it would officially be a terrorist state? How can anyone expect Israel to make peace with a government that includes large numbers of people who’re part of a group that are openly calling for genocide and the destruction of their nation?

Well, exactly! That’s the point.

What is the situation now? The chatterati argument is that Israel is expected to “play nice” because it is an occupying power. Once there is a Palestinian state, that will no longer be true, will it? Instead there will be an openly repressive, mostly theocratic terrorist state. When Israel lays down some smackie, it will be war between two states. The most morbidly funny part will be that it will be the losing side (Palestine) whose leaders will insist on the existence of a state of war. Israeli supporters in the USA will be able to use the “terrorist state” argument against the PA / PLO / Hamas / etc. in way that is not currently possible. The Palestinian cause will be greatly weakened when Palestine is a state.

Moreover, Israel is moving ahead with setting the border where Israel wants it. Once the Palestinian state is created with those borders it will become enormously harder to move them later. The facts on the ground will be established in Israel’s favor instead of being a dangling issue to use as a whip against Israel. The closure of any issue works against the grievance lords of Palestine.

And of course, don’t trust me on this — just observe how much effort the PLO and Hamas are putting in to derailing the path to a Palestinian state.

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