Because their bench is deep
Posted by aogSaturday, 07 January 2006 at 22:28 TrackBack Ping URL

This post at Transterrestrial Musings about yet another stupid thing Senator Ted Kennedy said brought to mind the question, “why is this guy still a top leader of the MAL? But it seems to me that perhaps he is still a leader because he can’t be replaced.

Back in the 30s and 40s, there were many leaders of the MAL who were in fact quite intelligent, good rhetoriticians and strong debaters. But the collapse of the MAL ideology has all but destroyed its ability to recruit that type of person any more. All that’s left is a generation of parrotting ranters, who know the phrase but none of the meaning, who (unlke their predecessors) must be almost completely disconnected from reality in order to stay with the program. There isn’t a new generation coming along to replace the old, as there is on the conservative side. Even old, worn out, second and third raters like Kennedy are still dominating that faction. Who would replace him, Markos Zuniga? Say what you want about Kennedy, at least he’s won some elections, where as Kos is 0 for 13.

Some note that a strength of the Republican Party is its willingness to dispose of leaders who are no longer useful. I think that it’s more that it is only the Republicans who can dispose of their leaders.

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