Toxic waste
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One of the things I ponder is how policies such as those promoted by the Progressives persist, given the detrimental effects. This is a particularly interesting question in liberal democracies, since if a policy were really much despised, it’s hard to see how it could persist for any significant amount of time.

A semi-recont post about riots in Australia pointed out one mechanism to me, which is that if the toxic results can be exported or localized, then the political will to maintain the policies can be sustained for a much longer time.

One set of policies that seems very popular with the Progressives is what is commonly known as “political correctness” with a dash of “multi-culturalism”, which means that only members of the dominant proletarian culture are held responsible for their actions. Of course, this kind of lax enforcement turns minor problems in the “under-priviledged” community in to major ones by rewarding the lawless and discouraging the law abiding people in that community. The resulting dominance of the community by the worst elements is the toxic result. This presents the problem for the Progressives that a lot of resentment is built up, in both that target community and the dominant one. It appears that the Australian Progressives maintain this state because the problems are isolated in relatively small areas of the country. So while the locals are deeply resentful of policies that prevent their local law enforcement from doing actual law enforcement, they are powerless to change those policies because most of the rest of the country gets to bask in the psychological payoff of “helping” out the downtrodden. The fact that the policies are damaging to everyone involved, except for ethnic criminals, is hidden by locality and Old Media group think. In effect, the toxic waste of these policies is dumped on a few communities.

Of course, this kind of thing isn’t limited to Australia. The Saudi Entity attempted to dump the toxic waste of its support for Wahabism on the rest of the world, although they’re now seeing what kind of back flow can result. American Progressives dumped a whole lot of toxic policy waste on Vietnam, something they’re still proud of.

Perhaps it is the rise of modern communications that makes this kind of dumping much more difficult, or maybe it’s just that eventually the poison spreads. In any case it is a hopeful sign that this kind of dumping seems to be ever more difficult, which makes the Progressive political program ever more shaky.

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