Perils of demonization, take left
Posted by aogWednesday, 21 December 2005 at 20:34 TrackBack Ping URL

As I watch the now standard hysteria from the Left about how President Bush is Evil and some new scandal marks the end of his regime (just like Cindy Sheehan did and I expect this one to pan out about the same), it occurs to me that the MAL is following the demonization pattern that has worked out so badly for the Right as well. The essential problem is attributing the problems to Bush personally. This doesn’t work because Bush, in terms of things drive MAL hysteria, isn’t doing things that are much out of a bi-partisan tradition. The sort of spying activity now at the center of the chattering classes chatter has roots that date back to 1972. In partcular President Clinton was very aggressive in pushing the limits of executive power in this area.

The result, then, is that whining about Bush in particular makes one look both ignorant and partisan. Yet the MAL is trapped because it lacks the ideological capability to argue against this kind of thing on basic priniciple since it has tied itself far more to personalities such as the aforementioned Clinton. That’s not to even mention the synergy of this with the general defeatism of the MAL and the problem of complaining on principle of intrusive government while excusing regimes like Ba’ath in Syria or the Palestinian Authority.

I don’t see a way out for the MAL and it makes me chuckle.

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