Knowing where the barn door is
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Via Natalie Solent is this post about the moral bankruptcy of the Euro-Left. It’s a post worth reading by itself, but one of the early commentors backhandedly hit on a key point

The Left in Europe is committed to human rights, which is why they are against the slaughter of people.

There is the bifurcation point. It seem blindingly obvious to me that the EuroLeft is not committed to human rights, that they care nothing about the slaughter of people. At least, as long as those human rights are violated and the people slaughtered by non-Americans. The original post hits on exactly this point, that political factions that support regimes like Castro’s, the ChiCom’s and the Palestinian Authority can not possibly object to massive human rights abuses and slaughter. Sadly, it’s generally not possible to argue on this point with a EuroLefty or one of their fellow travelers in the USA because they will go in do denial mode about the actual behavior of these regimes.

This denial is necessary not only to sustain the internal doublethink required, but because establishing the axiom quoted above lays the ground work for a later rhetorical victory. If accepted, then the rest of the EuroLeft argument does, in fact, follow. Just like dividing by zero is forbidden in mathematics because once accepted it leads to to all sorts of “2 = 1” results, this rhetorical battle is lost if the quoted claim is allowed to stand. On the other hand, if one can set up the argument to be about the actual committment of the EuroLeft to human rights and peace, then the facts will work against the EuroLeft.

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cjm Thursday, 15 December 2005 at 11:01

you have kids so i know you will understand what i am saying here. the leftist mind is a case study in stunted development. they are child like in all ways:

  • self-centeredness
  • immerssed in fantasy
  • total lack of personal responsibility
  • care-free cruelty
  • elevation of the ideal over what is feasible
  • wanton destructiveness

they aren’t fully formed adults, and some never will be. in children these conditions are tolerable but in an adult they become murderous.

just like it is pointless to argue with a child, past a certain point, there is no point in trying to argue rationally with an irrational person. and yet many otherwise right thinking people just can not see the left for what they really are. they should never have been allowed access to the levers of power in our society.

at least there seems clear evidence that the left is in full retreat all over the world, so hopefully they will be just a temporary aberation in the transition (of the world economy) from manufacturing to information flow and services.

i know it is irrational on my part and i would never act on it but they make me hate them and wish them all manner of foul ends.

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 15 December 2005 at 11:34

I was recently thinking this same thing with regard to the Ummah, the collective of believers of Islam. The essential problem with Islam’s relationship with the rest of the world is the inability to accept a non-priviledged position, to be an equal and not an elite. The analogy to immature children is obvious.

With regard to the MAL, I would concur that they also display many of the traits of arrested development, centered around the same issue — “why can’t the world be the way I want?”. This may be one reason that the MAL is so taken with the Caliphascists, as the latter represent the unapologetic apotheosis of the MAL’s stunted development.

Luciferous Thursday, 15 December 2005 at 11:51

The European Left: “No rights, just rules.”

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 15 December 2005 at 12:02

Hahaha. That’s excellent.

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