How to ship quality product
Posted by aogSaturday, 03 December 2005 at 00:48 TrackBack Ping URL

Over at Junkyard Blog someone asked what the real difference is between President Bush’s plans for Iraq and what the Congressional Democratic Party is calling for. I realized that I have lived the difference myself.

The best analogy is that you’re working on a product that’s very important for the company, but it’s been a very difficult effort, with lots of time and expense overruns and some management irregularities. But, strategically, a successful launch (or even a semi-successful one) would mean big benefits to the corporate bottom line with lots of other beneficial follow on products.

The Bush plan is “ship it when it works”. Even if this means missing deadlines and large additional expenses, the product is too important to not get right.

The Pelosi plan is “ship it in time for the tradeshow”. Even if this means pushing out a buggy pile of garbage, being able to declare “success” by getting something, anything, out the door to impress the stockholders is the primary, if not only, concern.

Now, if you’ve ever been in a situation like that, you know exactly what the results of these two different styles are. Which management would you want running a company you had stock in?

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