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While writing my earlier post, it occurred to me that contra the standard Leftist trope of increased communications improving relationships among different nationalities, the opposite is occurring, at least with respect to American / European relationships. The claims to moral and cultural superiority by the Europeans (which, to a large extent, form the basis of the relationship) are becoming increasing hard to sustain as more detailed and immediate information is available to the American Street about what, exactly, goes on in Europe. The Euro-sceptics, such as myself, in years past would have just a general animus, an inchoate sense that not all was right in Europe. But now, thanks to modern communications, that inchoate sense can be refined in to very specific and documented examples of European perfidity, such as those referenced in the earlier post.

The same thing is happening with the relationship of Old Media to the American Street. Now it’s easy to accumulate very specific,detailed examples of the bias of Old Media. There are in fact weblogs devotedto just that kind of thing. The more the American Street learns, the more it doesn’t like the people it is learning about.

The deep irony of this is that the EuroLeft and Old Media had the “ignorant American” as a standard trope, yet it was precisely the ignorance of the American Street that kept them in their priviliedged positions. The fall from grace that is going on is a direct result of the American Street is becoming ever more knowledgeable. Welcome to the future…

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Luciferous Thursday, 15 December 2005 at 13:29

“Familarity breeds contempt.” and Chesterton’s “Travel narrows the mind.” bear you out.

Yes, contempt is about to become reciprocal. See Howell Raines’ arrogant, spittle flicking screed bounding about the web. This from the former head cheese of Pinch’s Organ. Such vituperation is not lost by the great unwashed, who will return the contempt and make the chatter about making non-profit making news organizations non-profit charity cases a reality. With any luck and in a short time the NYT will operate out of Zabar’s basement.

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