Everybody falls down
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A good post at Austin Bay’s about the Caliphascists getting smoe blowback for their tactics of murder and assassination. What struck me is how this illustrates the bizarre stance of most of the Caliphascist’s useful idiots blather on about blowback from anything the USA does but never seem to consider the possibility that blowback applies to everyone. The [CaliPhasist]s are presumed somehow to be able to act with impunity in terms of public relations and reputation (one is left wondering if this is simply projection, as certainly the [CaliPhasist]s can act with impunity in that regard with those same useful idiots). But back in the real world, actions have consequences and not just for the Evil Americans.

P.S. There is a great comment over at Bay’s, which is worth repeating. In response to Bay’s noting that while tribal relationships are a key component of Iraqi society, they are poorly understood in the West. Doug Collins responds

Perhaps, surprisingly, they are not well enough understood by the insurgents either. Could this be the muslim equivalent of a New York mafiosi going to a rural Texas town and trying to intimidate the locals?

I think that may not be far from the truth. One is still tempted, though, by the Big Art theory in which the entire effort is really an internal psycho-drama play with the purpose of subjective self gratification, with no regard to its effects on objective reality.

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cjm Friday, 09 December 2005 at 11:14

there is also the phenommena by which the MSM spews out leftist fantasies which the leftist audience gobbles up as “truth”, blinding all involved to the reality of a given situation. to be a leftist is to be disconnected from reality.

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