Peace or war, the checks must go through
Posted by aogThursday, 03 November 2005 at 14:40 TrackBack Ping URL

As I read more stories about the rioting in France and Denmark, one thought occurs to me: how long can this go on before either country stops sending in welfare checks? And if those stop, will the UN step in to provide “humanitarian” assistance to the “insurgents”?

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cjm Friday, 04 November 2005 at 13:00

i would be stunned if the french response isn’t to send in even larger checks. the safest bet in this situation is that the french government will acede to all of the rioters’ demands. this of course will result in only a short respite, while the new set of demands are drawn up.

Annoying Old Guy Friday, 04 November 2005 at 13:33

Perhaps. What needs to be kept in mind is that France doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks, both because they’re French and because world opinion will make whatever excuses are necessary to justify whatever France does. It’s fun to mock the French for cowardice but they have a tipping point after which they’re as cold-hearted, vicious and thorough as people get. I think the Caliphascist forces are striking a bit too early.

Jeff Guinn Sunday, 06 November 2005 at 08:37

The why’s behind all this make it appear that France is very tightly wedged in a cul de sac.

The causes underlying our race riots of the 60s don’t seem anything like as mutually intractable as what faces France now.

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