"Political influence" – is that what they're calling it these days?
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Our radio had NPR on this morning and there was a report from Iraq about the voting on the Iraqi constitution. What continues to stun me is the MAL’s treatment of the Sunni political factions in Iraq. NPR claimed that the Sunni were upset because they were concerned that they wouldn’t have “political influence” they had previously under the new constitution. I guess “influence” is NPR-speak for “repressive sectarian fascism”. NPR also seems to agree that it’s quite reasonable for the Sunni to not only reject the proposed constitution because it will prevent the restoration of Ba’athism, but that turning to supporting the insurgency would be a reasonable response to such a “loss of influence”. One is left slack jawed (but fortunately for my spleen, not slack handed).

I certainly don’t remember the MAL or NPR being so solitious about the fate of the white minority in South Africa after the change of government there. As someone asked on the Brothers Judd a bit ago, what makes anti-Americanism? This is what I’d consider a perfect example. The only constant in the MAL viewpoint is what the USA is on. At least American Conservatives came to accept or even support the transition in South Africa beforehand. Years afterwards in Iraq, the MAL is still rooting for fascism in order to humiliate their host country.

P.S. And of course, such sympathy for the insurgency shows complete indifference to the fate of the Sunni as well. Open, enthusiastic support for the insurgency by the Sunni after the new government takes power will only end up in the Sunni being cleansed from Iraq. Somehow that doesn’t strike me as a result the Sunnit should be encourage to engineer.

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Luciferous Monday, 17 October 2005 at 12:56
Iraqui Sunni are quickly becoming an official "Other" in the mind of the Left. Small wonder, these guys liked Stalin and still wander about with Che! t-shirts. As to whether their adulation encourages the Sunni to be self-destructively stupid, I'm sure they care less.
cjm Wednesday, 19 October 2005 at 10:44
the left is a virus, they produce nothing, infect every institution they come into contact with, and eventually kill any society where they are allowed to take control. what surprises me is that so many people still try and "figure them out" or argue rationally with them. there is no "there" there, nothing to be learned, nothing to be gained. it would make an interesting experiment to set up two closed environments (not biosphere closed, membership closed) with leftists in one group and normal people in the other. see how long the leftists could survive on their own efforts, with their usual parasitical support mechanisms removed. anyway AOG, post more articles :) post some source code, let's see your style :)
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