Not Soutered for the Court
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I read lots of posts about the USSC nominee Harriet Miers that go on about whether she is another Souter or not. That sets me wondering — what does Justice Souter think about that kind of commentary? To have your name come up in the discussion of new nominees as the defining instance of a mistake? Does it make him weep with frustration or laugh with the expression “too bad, suckers!” on his lips?

UPDATE: White House Press Conference

Q Thank you, Mr. President. You said several times now, sir, that you don’t want a justice who will be different 20 years from now than she is today. Given that standard, I wonder in hindsight whether you think the appointment of Justice David Souter, then, was a mistake? And even —

THE PRESIDENT: You’re trying to get me in trouble with my father, Baker. (Laughter.)

Q Well, I’m trying to understand what informed your choice this time?

THE PRESIDENT: Call him. (Laughter.)

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Luciferous Wednesday, 05 October 2005 at 13:29

More likely a sneer than a laugh.

pj Monday, 10 October 2005 at 18:48

I’m not worried Miers is another Souter, I’m worried she’s another O’Connor. I think she’ll be better though.

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President Bush's decision to make White House counsel Harriet Miers his second Supreme Court no

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