Don't they ever get tired of that trick?
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It continues to be stunning to me how President Bush can repeatedly let his political opponents walk themselves out on to a limb just before the axe of reality chops it off. I’ve been monitoring the hurricane Katrina situation in background and what I’m seeing now is that the original, overwrought estimates of destruction and chaos are being downgraded. Of course, since Old Media spent a lot of effort building up the hysteria this is being done quietly and without direct acknowledgement, but there it is nonetheless. There also is the MAL out on the limb of those estimates, watching in frustration as the Saw of Facts starts to work on the branch.

The bottom line is that all Bush really has to do to look good by comparison is not freak out and say stupid things (like Tom DeLay did). Compared to the flaming freakiness of everyone else, that will look like leadership. Just think how much, down the road, Mayor Nagin’s claim of 10,000 dead in New Orleans will make the actual result and thereby also Bush look better. The lefties I read attribute Bush’s popularity to some sort of magic that he or Rove does, or just the monumental ignorance of the sheeple, but never seem to consider if it’s the repeated “the world is ending!” hysteria that never pans out that’s the real secret.

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Luciferous Thursday, 15 September 2005 at 12:11

Good points. The left shows no ability to learn from experience, which is what serious people call wisdom. The left abjures the virtue and substitutes deracinated (in time and space) rationalism. It is an enduring problem for them, and their ideology requires it. Recall their grousing about the teflon coated Reagan when their points against him gained no purchase.

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