They shouldn't even be contenders
Posted by aogTuesday, 30 August 2005 at 20:30 TrackBack Ping URL

I found this post at Random Jottings interesting because of what it says about the peacenik point of view. The essence of the post is about the peaceniks increasing desperation as their “we’re against violence except for …” argument gets ever more twisted by the Caliphascist propensity for atrocity. The most frequent claim is that the Caliphascist factions are “forced” to “respond” with violence in order to “protect” the Iraqi people. Protect from what is generally left unstated, because to talk about it is to make a mockery of the base argument. The Caliphascist viewpoint is, by contrast, open and clear — they are protecting Iraqis from the evils of liberal democracy. That, however, is a viewpoint that the peaceniks are not yet ready to advance in public.

This brings home just how poor a propagandist President Bush is. Contrary to the endless MAL claims of how the VWRC under the leadership of Rove/Cheney is brainwashing the sheeple of the USA, Bush seems to be losing or at least just holding his own against people supporting a murderous gang of wanna be rulers of the world who openly declare liberal democracy evil while mass murdering men, women and children. Like Al Gore vs. Bush in 2000, what’s stunning is that it’s even a contest. Now, it is certainly not the sole responsibility of the President to counter act this enemy propaganda, but it’s not unreasonable to expect him to take a leadership position on it. It may be that only the tides of history will be strong enough, that the grip of the MAL on Old Media is simply too strong for words to break through, but even if so it really does put paid to the idea of the White House being the masters of public brain washing.

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