Sometimes you can only answer rocks with rocks
Posted by aogTuesday, 16 August 2005 at 14:36 TrackBack Ping URL

Over in another thread on the polarized political situation in this country, one Winds of Change commentor said that we on the side of fighting back against the Caliphascists should keep trying to reach out to those in the middle, even if we’ll never touch the minds of the hard core useful idiots. I suppose that is true, no matter how tiring it gets. It helps keep one in shape when encountering a mind willing to look at the world as it is. It also reminds me of my days as a teaching assistant, when we ended up writing a numbered chart of standard errors so we could simply say “that’s a number 2”, which was a big time saver for everyone.

The problem, though, is that there is little common ground even about facts. My time at BAGNewsNotes taught me that (and BNN, despite its issues, is still less loony and hostile than major websites of the MAL such as “Democratic Underground” or “Daily Kos”).

I tend to agree with those who castigate the Bush administration for its lack of outreach in this area. However, I have acquired some sympathy for the point of view that Old Media is simply going to misquote, misinterpret and outright make things up regardless of what is said. Bush has made strong speeches on this issue that never make it out of the choir. Perhaps the White House thinks that, given the current derangement of the MAL, the only realistic course is to keep on plodding, as the general public has no where else sane to go and only the tides of time and fact will bend public opinion properly.

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