No need to lead them in to temptation, they can find it themselves
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From Winds of Change

Binyamin Netanyahu warned that a whole new dimension of arms smuggling will ensue if the Gaza Port is allowed to be built under PA auspices. Once Gaza is turned over to the PA, some wonder if al Qaeda will make Gaza a new base of operations. Remember al Qaeda’s announcment of their new-found interest and presence in Gaza. al Qaeda with a port and common border with fragile Egypt, Zawahiri’s home country?

One has to wonder if that isn’t the plan. I’ve been wondering why more hasn’t been made of this issue and how to respond. Could it be that Israel is following “it’s got to get worse before it gets better” theory and hoping that Al Qaeda sets up shop in Gaza? Strong evidence of that and the direct corollary of a deep collaboration between Al Qaeda and Hamas / Palestinian Authority would provide a lot of lee-way in any reaction by Israel to attacks. The propaganda results would probably be a psychological wind all as well, considering what happened to the IRA’s reputation when it was discovered training FARC terrorists. One would normally think that it’s such a stupid move on the part of the Palestinians to let Al Qaeda set up shop that it won’t happen. Yet if there’s one group of people who have constistently managed to do that kind of self-destructive thing, it’s the Palestinian leadership. Perhaps the silence is because despite that, there’s still concern that other, cooler headed actors might intervene to prevent it?