Iraq'd my brain
Posted by aogWednesday, 31 August 2005 at 12:42 TrackBack Ping URL

A couple of thoughts on the Iraqi Constitution:

I continue to be stunned by the Sunni resistance to the document. The belief that, for the Sunnia, a strong central government is desirable is bizarre. The idea that the Sunni would recapture it is delusional and the most likely effect would be to enable the rest of Iraq to abuse the Sunni legally. There’s also the possibility of civil war which would be an even worse disaster for the Sunni, who would almost certainly end up dead or exiled en mass. I suspect that the rank and file are going to be a lot smarter about this than their leadership.

And speaking of leadership, I think the claims of Iraq descending in to a theocracy are just a bit overblown. I see lots of hints that the citizenry is much more liberal about such things than the leadership. This shouldn’t be surprising since a theocracy is always much better for the leadership than for the masses. That’s why real voting with real consequences is so critical.

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