Historical necessity?
Posted by aogThursday, 18 August 2005 at 14:59 TrackBack Ping URL

The building fight over the John Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court has prompted another round of commentary on how lucky President Bush is in his set of enemies. While the future is not yet set, the prospects for Roberts not getting approved look extremely bad, which makes it a rather good fight for Bush to have with his political enemies.

But is it really luck? I was thinking about President Clinton and how he matched his time the other day, it struck me that it was probably no accident. The tenor of the times made the success of someone like Clinton very likely and there’s no shortage of his type wandering around. In the same way, who is going to be left holding the torch of Leftism? When an ideology is tried and found wanting in the court of reality, the ones who stick with it are either the clueless or the fanatical, neither of which is known for making judicious choices about strategy. Is this not what we have been observing, that the more centrist layers of the MAL are melting away leaving only the hard core, who now set the agenda? While the particular players and specific issues are of course very historically dependent, I wonder if the general shape is far more determined.

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