Calling the parents
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As my own children start school, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about current issues in education and the state of the public schools. What’s struck me most over the years as a clear indicator of the sea change in public education is the issue of “calling the parents”. Back in my day, this was considered to be a more severe punishment for the child. It was a threat by the school authorities toward the child to obtain better cooperation. Certainly I’d be willing to be more cooperative in order to avoid such notification.

Now, however, calling the parents is a threat by the child to limit the actions of the school authorities. Somehow we as a society have taken one of the better tools of school authorities for keeping children under control and turned it in to a device for children to escape discipline. I suspect that the increasing level of violence and abuse in children’s sports is part of this same effect. Ultimately, as expected, it comes down to parents. At some point, rather than trying to shape society directly, all that can be done is to provide parents with enough control that the majority who care can escape the ones who don’t.

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Luciferous Thursday, 11 August 2005 at 16:05

Yep. That’s why we home-schooled our three. And we were “early adopters” in this regard. Home-schooling is far more common today, and the support resources available much better as well.

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