The nomination can wait, get me another bowl of popcorn
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There are those who are wondering if the entire Wilson/Plame affair is a Rove operation. While I find it laughable to think that Rove planned the details, the concept that Rove, presented with the initial “scandal” over Plame, chose to play it tight and just wait for Old Media to push itself off a cliff one way or another, is quite plausible. The key facts that we’re finding out now, about how Plame wasn’t covert, how Rove got the information from the Washington press corps, would of course have been well known to Rove from the start. One notes that Rove never resisted the testimony of any of the reporters involved. Further, what would Old Media have said had Rove come out at the start and claimed that (1) Plame wasn’t covert and (2) he got his information from journalists? Who would have believed him?

What strikes me now is the thought that President Bush is drawing out the SCOTUS nomination in order to keep the Wilson/Plame issue on the front pages. I think it’s definitely past the tipping point where it’s worse for Old Media and the Modern American Left than it is for the Bush administration, so why let it sizzle for a while? Let the fire starters deal with putting on the flames that are now burning them.

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pj Friday, 22 July 2005 at 20:44

Clearly the Administration consented to the appointment of a special prosecutor because they knew he couldn’t harm them - only the Democratic CIA staffers had committed crimes.

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