Enough speaking softly, use the big stick
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Both Kausfiles and Just One Minute have praised this article for background information on the Wilson/Plame issue. I thought it was reasonably interesting, but this is to me the money quote:

think that the Bush White House would know an essential lesson of presidential survival in Washington: You don’t pick a fight with the CIA. Nixon learned the consequences of doing so; Bush One, a former director of the CIA, could have explained it to his son.

It doesn’t seem to me to take much thinking about that before it becomes very troubling. What President would worry about picking a fight with, say, the Pentagon? Yet the President should worry about getting in to a political fight with the CIA? Who’s really in charge, here? At this point I’d support a purge of the CIA by President Bush for no reason other than to demonstrate that the CIA is an agency of the executive branch that is to obey the President. It might be a good move to put the entire Wilson/Plame issue in the appropriate light, as a matter of civilian control over shadowy federal agencies. We might even see better national security once the CIA is not actively undermining the elected government.

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Luciferous Tuesday, 19 July 2005 at 15:26

True, but what if the CIA (or parts of it) pick a fight with the White House, especially this WH? What you get is what we have: the battleground is maneuvered into the courts and the weapons are the heavy punishment attached to false statements given to the grand jury. The WH lets nature take its course. Hint - Judith Miller is in the slam for not disclosing her sources. Why? Most likely because her sources can’t afford to be named and will not allow disclosure. Also, Miller’s sources know she won’t betray them because they are the type of source Miller’s career has been built on and will need after this episode, namely, government bureaucrats in the national security arena. Burn one and the whole network goes permanantly dark and Miller’s career is over. So why is Fitzgerald boring in on Miller? Past experience with her certainly (she blew a case of his) but also she is the link to the indictable crime - unauthorized disclosure of classified (CIA) information - not the naming of a covert agent’s name. Miller may stay mum, but she better pray Fitzgerald doesn’t find material evidence for a linkage between the sources and Miller.

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