Fighting rhetorical spam
Posted by aogFriday, 27 May 2005 at 16:05 TrackBack Ping URL

As I was formulating a response for this post at BAGnews, I was struck by the collision between two presumptions held by the Modern American Left:

  • Iraqis are automatically upset and disgusted by harsh actions taken by American security forces in Iraq against presumed Caliphascists
  • Americans are willing to endorse any amount of harsh actions taken by American security forces against presumed Caliphascists

I’d say “isn’t that a bit odd?” but I’ve long since learned that double think is very common among the MAL. Still, it does suggest a nice counter attack to a standard rhetorical attack. So, I tried it out.

Overall, I’d judge it a success. The result was to be accused of being “intimidating” and told that my future posts would be ignored.

It’s nice to have a good collection of standard counter attacks like this. It’s kind of like tuning one’s spam filters to block out the spammers, although the spammers seem much better at coming up with new stuff than the MAL.

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cjm Monday, 30 May 2005 at 13:35

i was over at tha bag site, and its really like shooting fish in a barrel when someone like aog applies a little (obvious) logic to their pathetic bleatings. i added a little something of my own, at the bottom of the comments section there.

David Cohen Saturday, 04 June 2005 at 13:51

AOG: I still have no idea why you continue to beat your head against that particular wall.

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