What's a few decades of waiting when it's for The People?
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I was listening to NPR and the BBC reminiscing about the fall of Saigon today, on the thirtieth anniversary. The general attitude seemed to be what a wonderful thing that was. One commentator repeated North Vietnamese propaganda with nary a trace of irony or context:

This is not a defeat for any of the people of Vietnam, but only for the Americans.

I tend to think that there are more than a few Vietnamese would might disagree with that sentiment. But this was left as the final word in the segment.

It was also bitterly amusing to hear the talk of how Western capitalism is invading Vietnam and how the economy is starting to boom. There was no mention that had South Vietnam not fallen, the boom might well have started 20 years ago instead of just recently, that South Vietnam might well have followed South Korea more closely. Gosh, wouldn’t that have been an evil fate! How wonderful that the Americans were kicked out of the country, so that they could be invited back in 30 years to support the country’s economy.

The NPR types talked of the noble sacrifices made by the Vietnamese during the war, but never asked what was gained by these sacrifices. The mere fact that they were made was apparently deemed sufficient to make them noble and beneficial. It is particularly bizarre when considered in conjunction with the point from the previous paragraph — what exactly did those sacrifices accomplish? Other than putting off wealth and liberty for the Vietnamese for at least thirty years? Is that the accomplishment of which the modern Leftists are so enamored? Probably, since they seem to just as enamored of Castro’s success in removing the threat of wealth and liberty from the Cuban people for decades as well.

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Luciferous Tuesday, 03 May 2005 at 16:12

Why does the advent of the modern workers’ paradise always produce fleets of boat-borne refugees? What’s up with the owning-exploiting class and sea trips? Ah well, sharks have their progressive role to play as the forces of history implement “the dream.”

Annoying Old Guy Tuesday, 03 May 2005 at 19:18

The masses are simply too uneducated to appreciate the true glory of the worker’s state. That’s why you always need re-education camps.

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