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The Brothers Judd note that the recent anti-Japanese unrest in China has soured business relations between the two countries. This, apparently, is a surprise to the ChiCom Politburo. It reminds me strongly of Germany’s Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s miscalculation about how the American Street would react to his open anti-Americanism ploy during his last election. I think there are two major reasons for this kind of mistake.

  • Parochialism The leaders involved simply don’t consider the fact that the targets of the anger might notice it. After all, the leaders are doing purely for domestic consumption, so why would anyone else get upset?
  • Tactical thinking The existence of, say NATO or profitable business relationships with Japan, are not considered to be contingent facts but underlying realities, so it comes as a bit of a shock that such things can change. This is a common failing of the Socialist mode of thought, Socialism itself working from the reality denying basis that no matter what you do to businesses and their leaders, they will continue to produce and advance as they do currently.

While it is, of course, delicious schädenfruede against the ChiComs, I also have little to no sympathy for the Chinese citizenry. After all, one doesn’t seem them protesting about the whitewash of ChiCom atrocities in China, which killed far more Chinese in more horrible ways than the Japanese inflicted atrocities. Not to mention how so many Chinese hate the Taiwanese and Tibetans enought to want to destroy them via invasion or annexation, despite the fact that neither people ever ravaged China.

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pj Monday, 18 April 2005 at 16:04

All of these politicians came to power before the Internet. They are applying their old ‘parochial’ habits to a new era that rewards less parochial pols.

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