It's all in the comparisons
Posted by aogSunday, 06 March 2005 at 18:01 TrackBack Ping URL

A post at Dean’s World about the recent shooting incident involving an Italian journalist who had recently been released by Caliphascist in Iraq reminded me of just how much of a difference one’s basic world view makes in events like this.

Ignoring the question of why, if the journalist was being targeted, there were pieces big enough to find afterwards, one can wonder about why the USA would think that it could do something like this so openly. Here is where the conspiracy theory mindset comes in to play. For most American citizens, the USA is a good nation that tries to do well even if it screws up sometimes. In contrast, the view among many anti-Americans is that the USA routinely and openly unleashes murder and mayhem across the globe, so this kind of thing is just par for the course. If you think that the USA is actively aiding a genocide against the Palestinians then what’s brazenly shooting someone because you don’t like her? It’s the kind of thing icons of the Left like Yasir Arafat do. There doesn’t seem to be much point in arguing against such views by pointing out the illogic of the scenario.

P.S. My personal view of what happened (based more on my basic worldview than determinative facts because the latter are in short supply) is that the driver presumed that the American checkpoint had been informed of the operation when, in fact it hadn’t. The driver ignored the warnings because it couldn’t be about them or in fact sped up because he thought there was a real bomber behind them. This seems more plausible to me than that an effort was made to generate a shooting incident, counting on American restraint for the survival of the car’s occupants.