Foreign policy blowback
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Matthew Yglesias and Instapundit at some recent poll results that claim President Bush has net negative ratings on several key issues.

they agree that, since the results are basically steady since October, the take away fact is that the electoral difficulties are about the Democratic party, particularly with regard to national defense. I think that Instapundit is closer to the more when he writes

It seems to me that the best hope for the Democrats is for Bush to be so successful at foreign affairs and national security that by 2008 nobody cares anymore.

the problem for the Democratic Party is that their weakness on national defense is directly related to their Trans National ideology. While the basic sympathy for foreign enemies of the USA is there (because those enemies oppose the same distinctive features of the USA as the Modern American left), I think it goes deeper. To assert the right for The USA to defend itself instead of feeding that to the UN calls in to question the same at the individual level, i.e. creates doubt about the expanding nanny state. A foreign policy stance of American exceptionalism strikes directly at the MALs domestic policies and therefore can not be tolerated.

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Dave Sheridan Saturday, 05 March 2005 at 02:46

I agree with your take on the roots of the Democrats’ weakness on national defense. That doesn’t mean the electorate will see that connection if national defense itself isn’t a front-burner issue. The same thing hurt Bush I (although he had other vulnerabilities). The Dems’ foreign policy was just as weak, and for the same reasons, but voters didn’t care. The problem seems to me that tranzi sound bites are so warm and fuzzy — right up to the point that people are flying planes into your skyscrapers.

aog Sunday, 06 March 2005 at 12:38

It’s not a matter of the electorate seeing the connection, but purely one of whether national defense is a high priority consideration. The connection means that the Democratic Party has to count on either disaster or massive success because they are incapable of actually modifying their national defense irrelevance.

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