Even weather vanes can show which way the wind is blowing
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The Brothers Judd are discussing the political prospets for Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Presidential campaign. While there is quite the scope for debate on her chances, I think the more interesting and deeper point is how far to the right HRC is moving in order to maintain her viability. Say what you like about HRCs moral character, it is simply laughable to suggest that she is not a very smart, very capable politician. And in this view it’s not even particularly important whether HRC herself believes her modified political positions are not — the fact remains that she feels it beneficial to present them as her public face. That alone tells you just how badly a Democratic Party with a revitalized Progressive stance is going to do in the next set of elections.That’s gonna be sweet.

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oj Thursday, 24 March 2005 at 16:03

The fascinating question is can she move as far to the Right as she’d need to in order to be competitive in the general without provoking the third party challenge that would sink her.

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