Back to the future
Posted by aogThursday, 03 March 2005 at 21:28 TrackBack Ping URL

I’ve moved on to the next cute technology, tablet computing. This means that I’ve literally written out this post longhand, using the hand writing recognition in the tablet. It’s not too bad. The characters area bit tricky sometimes (‘1’ and ‘l’ for instance) but it uses a dictionary so if I get close it guesses quite well. It means I have fewer misspellings at least. of course, that’s how humans do it as well. Single character recognition by computer is almost as good as human, it’s just that the next level of word analysis was missing. Now, if it can do this with my lousy hard writing, it’s definitely ready for the masses. The price, however, is a bit of an issue still.

Anyway, I wanted to see how feasible this was. I’ve made some comments over at Brothers Judd with this but not a full post. It’s not too bad. I definitely prefer a keyboard but this will do in places that a keyboard isn’t convenient.