Always finding a deeper barrel
Posted by aogTuesday, 15 March 2005 at 11:21 TrackBack Ping URL

As the Ward Churchill saga goes forward and ever more unpleasant facts come to light about him, I just have to wonder at the public relations sense of the Modern American Left.

As others have noted, Churchill himself is just an annoying insect. Far more important is how someone like that got to the position he did with so little oversight. But what I think is also important is how the MAL so consistently hitches its wagon to losers like this. As I’ve noted previously here, here, here, and here, the MAL seems to be pick such unsavory characters as its point people. Of all of the professors in the USA who could exemplify academic freedom, why champion someone who has a long trail of academic fraud and plagarism? Maybe there isn’t a better option and it is no longer possible to be decent and on the Left.