Quantitative not qualitative change
Posted by aogSaturday, 19 February 2005 at 20:32 TrackBack Ping URL

Via WizBang is the stunning event of someone making sense in The Guardian:

[…] the internet has strengthened the American right […] You would also expect this electronic revolution to be good for the Democrats, but the American left’s relationship with the internet has been disastrous. The internet has sunk a knife into Bill Clinton’s moderate Democratic party. Mainstream business people were Clinton’s principal funders, simultaneously approving and driving his centrism. But the Democrats’ new paymasters are the 600,000 computer users who, in 2004, supported Howard Dean’s bid for his party’s presidential nomination. Dean energised an unrepresentative group of voters with a stridently anti-war message.

I can’t remember the link now but I read someone claiming that this was going to turn around because eventually the truth will come out via the filtering effect of the blogosphere. Obviously, I believe that the truth is already coming out and that’s why the Internet has been disastrous for the Modern American Left / Democratic Party.

But more than that, I think that the key difference is that the Conservatives / Republican Party have a basic idea of where they want to go and therefore try to convince people to fellow travel with them. The MAL, in contrast, is either completely lost or has only tactical goals (e.g., get person X elected). The Internet is an amplifier, not a transformer.