Havana second thoughts
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As I read things about the EU sucking up to Castro (temporarily squashed by the Czech Republic), the more I wonder what the point is. Why does Spain, for instance, consider a working relationship between Cuba and EU valuable? The EUlite seem to care more about having a good relationship with Cuba than with the USA. It’s as if Cuba were such a major world power that friendly relations were worth any appeasement. Now, while I disagreed on that with respect to EU/USSR relations, at least I could understand the point, especially for nations on the borders of the Soviet Empire. But Cuba? Can it really just be anti-Americanism? Or is it a bizarre form of celebrity worship? I just can’t grasp why any European leader cares enough about being well thought of in Havana for this to be a contentious issue.

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Chase Saturday, 12 February 2005 at 13:03

In other words, post democratic bureaucratism

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