Fighting against Wile E(Ulite). Coyote
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As I watch President Bush engage with the EUlite in Brussels this weak, I can’t but picture him as a gracious player who is willing to provide some comfort to an obviously beaten opponent. Bush is giving them the rhetoric they like while the EUlite scramble to pay homage to him.

What I think really spells the end of any serious contest with the EU is the EU Constitution. The EUlite have once again forged a mighty political weapon (like Fascism) intended to damage the USA but instead will detonate in Europe. The EU Constitution is a thousand points of darkness, a confused, self-contradictory hash of obscure policies. If you’ve ever been to a modern Leftist protest, with its endless waves of unrelated if not contradictory booths and agitators, then you know what the EU Constitution is like. Just gather up all the position papers from the various protestors, slam them together and there you are.

Because of this, either the EU Constitution will be adopted and drop another 16 ton weight on Europe as it struggles under its existing challenges, or it will not be adopted and the EU is likely to fracture as a result. Worst of all, from the EUlite point of view, is that a failure on the Constitution might force the EU back to the EEC stage. Such a move would likely be strongly favored by the UK and Eastern Europe. The problem is twofold for the EUlite:

  • It would rob them of much of their transnational power
  • It would benefit the USA by improving the economy of Europe

The EUlite is caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of maintaining their own power and competing with the USA. It’s another example of the end of history.

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pj Tuesday, 22 February 2005 at 15:52

I think you are conflating Europe and the EUlite here. Of course Europe is dying, and the EU Constitution will hasten the end. But totalitarianism/authoritarianism/socialism is not yet dead, it lives in places from China and North Korea to Iran and Syria to much of Africa to Cuba and Venezuela. Insofar as the loyalty of the EUlite is to international authoritarianism rather than Europe, they can still do damage to us by consolidating their hold on Europe’s (admittedly declining) power through the EU Constitution, and using that power to advance an alliance that includes China, Iran, etc.

Europe’s announcement that it will sell advanced weaponry to China, timed to embarrass Bush, could be construed as an announcement of such a strategy.

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 23 February 2005 at 09:02

I think that the adoption of the EU Constitution will hasten the decline of European power (and hence of the EuLite) faster than the centralization will improve the ability to wield it. Also, I don’t believe for a minute that non-Europeans like the Chinese will support the EuLite for a moment past the time the EuLite are useful. It’s the same fantasy that informs Eurabia, where the EuLite are so used to being the ruling class that they can’t concieve of others playing them for fools to be discarded.

Dave Sheridan Saturday, 26 February 2005 at 06:18

I think you’re both right in the most important thing that matters: The EUlite can do a tremendous amount of damage, both to Europe and to our interests, as it takes the continent down the tubes. Even a Europe in accelerating decline will continue to have a great deal of economic power for decades. Once ratified, the constitution will be very difficult to unwind, even in the unlikely event that the majority of ordinary Europeans come to their senses.

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